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Whether privately in the garage or in the premises – as an award-winning product based on the innovative technology Design and highest ease of use the smart wallbox C2EU is always a good choice.

It impresses customers with its high AC charging power, network-connection and many other sophisticated functions such as contactless user authentication through RFIO card or QR code. The wallbox C2EU can be mounted on the wall or a pole and realize a load and charging management control. Special for operation company: the housing and display can be personalized and branded as a request.

Main Features

Network connectivity

  • Our wallbox is networkable and can be connected and controlled intelligently via load management. This function would be supported by the latest version of the communication protocol OCPP 1.6j.

Live updates

  • The network connection keeps our wallbox always up to date, so the software updates and promotional content can be simply applied in wallbox by customers.

Award-winning design

  • Winner of the “Best of the Best” Reddot Award 2016. The exceptional design concept and innovative technologies ensure a convincing charging experience.


290mm x 290mm x 60mm

General Specifications

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