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XCharge Dual-Charger C4EU


Dual-Charger C4EU

The C4EU is a connected AC Charging station optimized for use in the public domain, high-intensity parking areas and commercial depots.

Intelligent control of the current output ensures cars are charging at the optimum rate without overloading the local electricity grid. The charger is available with two sockets for type 2 plugs and is equipped with a 1 0.1 -inch HD anti-glare touchscreen, providing  easy user control and information. Due to the advanced product configuration and controller the C4EU is future proof. Added functionalities and new requirements can be enabled on existing stations in the future.

Main Features

Heavy-duty housing

  • The stainless steel housing ensures the charging station is suitable to serve in the public area having IK1 0 impact and IP54 protection rating.

Dual Type 2 socket up to 2 x 22 kW simultaneously

  • The charging station can be configured for 1 or 3 phases. Output power is configurable up to 22kW per socket simultaneously when connected to a 3 phase 380 VAC 63A power supply.

Cost effective DC-leakage detection

  • Integrated 6mA DC-leakage detection allows the station to be installed with the more cost effective Type A RCD in most cases.

Enhanced usability and branding options with 1 0.1-inch HD touchscreen

  • The 10.1-inch HD touchscreen allows for clear user instructions, interactive information, and branding or information options.


  • 490mm x 360mm x 1565mm

General Specifications

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