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XCharge Supercharger C6EU


Supercharger C6EU

In continuous operation with commercial vehicle fleet operators, in parking lots or as part of the urban public infrastructure.

Wherever ultrashort loading times and a compact design are required, the C6EU supercharger plays out its strengths. With only about 350 kilograms total weight, C6EU with two charging points requires less than half square meters of footprint.

And like all XCharge fast charging stations this supercharger brings a very deep impression for the operator with its individual configuration options, that the output power can be adjusted freely as requested between 60 and powerful 160 kW.

The housing anddisplay  can also be customized. Based on the intelligent online management of backend system the control of charging process would be definitely customer-friendly. Via apps the charging can also be implemented and billed.

Main Features

Modular technology

  • Depending on customer requests the output power can be adjusted between 60 and 1 60 kW in increments of 15, 20 or 30 kW respectively.

Modular technology

  • C6EU with two charging points requires only 0.5 square meter footprint and weighs about 350kg. On each side of charger there is an alcove to suspend the charging cable. The unique z-shaped ventilation system and a centrifugal fan improves the cooling performance and extends the product lifecycle.

Award-winning design

  • The supercharger won the reddot Award in 2016. At the frontdoor  the circular display makes optimal charging process for customers. On the side, 60 LEDs indicate the operating status and progress of EV charging.


  • 720mm x 600mm x  750mm

General Specifications

Outlet Specifications

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