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Satellite DC Charger C9


Satellite DC Charger C9

Satellite C9 high-power charger is designed for CBD and public parking areas. 

Stable and dynamic power distribution and cost-effective operation equip C9 with core features of easy deployment and strong serviceability.

With centralized power modules, automatic authorized EV recognition and intelligent power utilization system, C9 creates a better-than-ever charging experience to EV users and an investment-effective solution to operators.

Main Features

Award-winning design

  • Satellite design saves spaces at tight parking lots

  • Patented U-shaped cable hanger protects the cable from damage

  • Flexible pricing plans with optional choices on Power Boxes

  • Lateral-integrated T -LED™ charging indicator

  • Integrated POE power supply unit simplifies deployment

  • Allows automatic power distribution with a maximum total power output of 480kW.


C9 Power Box

  • 720mm  x 720mm x 1 760mm

C9 Power Box

  • 980mm x 370mm x 1800mm

General Specifications

Outlet Specifications

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